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If you are a resident of Portland, OR who has a concrete job that needs completion, then Concrete Contractors is the company to call. As your concrete contractor, we will go over your budget and job specifications with you. Once we have an idea of what it is you are looking for, we will hire the labor, purchase the necessary parts and materials, and then prep the site for work. We will oversee the project’s progress to ensure that the work is completed efficiently and meticulously.

When it comes to working as a concrete contractor, there are various projects we can help you with.

• Driveways—Sometimes a concrete driveway needs to be torn up and redone. Maybe you are tired of having brick and think concrete will suit you better. Whatever the case, Concrete Contractors can assist you. We will make sure your driveway is prepped and graded correctly before the concrete goes down.

• Walkways—Maybe the walkway on the side of your home is in desperate need of repairs or perhaps you would like to install a new walkway there. A concrete contractor can help you connect your front yard to your backyard.

• Patios—Concrete patios can be very attractive if done correctly. A patio in general can add a sense of warmth and community to your backyard, giving the family a place to hang out and barbeque or host a gathering of friends.

If you have any questions or would like more information about our concrete contractor service, get in touch with Concrete Contractors of Portland, OR.

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